Quality and certificates

Bioone is a responsible company paying special attention to the quality of the offered products, production standards, and reliable customer service.

The implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system includes the process of producing food from the assessment of the delivery of supplies and packaging to individual production stages, storing and distribution to customers.

Ecological certificates

An ecological product is the result of a policy, implemented with ecological production technology that ensure care on environment, people’s health and a balanced economical developement of the organic needs.
The green leaf logo present on the ecological products of the O! BIO line means they comply with the rules of ecological agriculture, specifically with the Council Resolution No. 834/2007 of 28th June 2007 on ecological production and labelling ecological products, and the Commission Resolution (EC) No. 889/2008 of 5th September 2008 establishing detailed rules of implementation of the Council Resolution (EC) No. 834/2007 on ecological production and labelling ecological products in reference to ecological production, labelling and control.

Halal certificate

The Halal certificate confirms that the produced food meets the requirements in accordance with Islamic law. The certificate is granted after an audit is performed.
Products with the Halal certificate are safe for Islam practitioners.

Doceń Polskie (Appreciate Polish)

The goal of the Doceń Polskie (Appreciate Polish) programme is to promote the high quality of grocery products available in the Polish market, and their producers. The assessments are made by specialist professionally dealing with food and food technology.

The A to dobre! brand products are part of the programme of promoting Polish products.

Orange preserve obtained the certificate of Doceń Polskie (Appreciate Polish) programme.